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To Better Health

Thought this was an interesting article. We do customize our eyes with glasses...why NOT vitamins.

Customized Vitamins and Urine Testing Why should anyone want to take a "urine test" for the sake of getting vitamins? Well, there are a couple of reasons.
First is the fact that in order to optimize your health, you need vitamin supplements--and those supplements should be tailored to your unique person and health situation. Secondly, without testing, or if you only do a questionnaire test, you cannot get the most highly customized vitamin supplement to meet those health needs. Our unique health and vitamin needs are rooted in some variables that we have in common and others that are completely unique, in sum, to each individual. Shared traits that impact on our health include age, gender, weight-to-height ratio, and ethnicity. (Of course, not all people share those traits, but there are large groups of people in each instance who do.) But then there are the uniquely individual traits: genetics; lifestyle; personal experiences; environment; diet; emotional makeup; metabolism; and stress levels. While these variable traits might be extremely similar between different individuals, no two are exactly alike for anyone, and the different total combination's that these produce are even more dissimilar. The best indicator of exactly what you need for your unique vitamin supplementation is to be found in various levels of chemical compounds that will show up in your urine. Your urine sample, for instance, shows your metabolic end-production and the level of nitrous oxide in your blood and tissues. Nitrous oxide levels in the body are incredibly important, as research and discoveries about it in the 1990s proved. This chemical has a major impact on the health of the functioning of various detoxification, immunity, and circulatory systems and organs, such as the health of your liver and heart. Other metabolic end-product measurements can tell scientists whether or not your cellular tissues are getting the right amount of nutrients, and if not which nutrients need raising and basically to what degree. Consider that there are toxins all around us and within various products that we use all the time. Our liver and kidneys clean those out of our bodies, however. But what if they start to function less than optimally? Well, they have to be repaired. And there is simply no better or more efficient way of repairing and rejuvenating them than to feed them the right amounts of nutrients that they need to grow powerful again. Yet, how do you know that specific chemical nutrient mixture? Without urine testing, you don't--you will be taking one-size-fits-all, mass-produced vitamin supplements that only have a hit-and-miss chance of being exactly what you most need. Or you'll have to undergo major surgery, which is costly, invasive, and not even truly getting at the root problem. There are just too many different factors that make up your particular health needs, of your liver and of the rest of your body, for you to settle for those umbrella-like vitamin supplementations . You are you--you are not anyone else. You need the vitamin mixture that is best for you. The scientists involved use urine testing to find out what that is, just like doctors use it to determine other things about your health and lifestyle. It's really quite simple! ------------------------ Duncan Wierman applies a holistic approach to health care which means accepting responsibility for managing our own health.

Mac McCarthy

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The Phillies magic number is 6!!!! It would be soooo nice if they could repeat as World Series Champs, but first we have to get into the playoffs and get past the National League playoff teams!

Holistic Fair

Yesterday, I went to Allentown's Holistic Fair. It was very nice. I got a reading with Brigitte Boyea who I have taken classes with. She is an awesome channel and has the most incredible calming energy. Thanks Brigitte! I always feel better after spending time with you! Brigitte now works from The Circle of Intention in High Bridge NJ.

Field Hockey

It's been awhile since I blogged last. But with school starting and coaching field hockey, I have been quite busy! The girls are off to a good start with the varsity 2-0. The freshmen are 1-1 and the jv's are 1-0. This week is a big week with Wallkill and Hackettstown. Hopefully the weather will hold up!

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Top Three Errors Online So People Will Automatically Avoid You

Top Three Errors Online So People Will Automatically Avoid You

1. Don’t put your company or product in your screen-name unless you want people to automatically avoid you because they know they are going to be sold which 90% of people hate. Also do not have a screen-name that only you understand, like with your children’s initials. Even worse do not have a screen-name with a bunch of unrelated numbers, such as “Julie 1234″!

2. Don’t put your company or product in your profile for the same reason. People can easily check your profile before talking or responding to you and once again automatically know they are going to be sold which 90% of people hate. Put only the link to your personal blog (not your website from your company) in your profile. Also do not have your profile be nothing but quick facts about you. Your profile is not a resume or a yearbook listing of all the clubs you belong to!

3. Don’t have the email address you use have your company or product in it or something cute like “” because once again, everyone will know they are going to be sold which 90% of people hate!

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